EckloniaMAXX Products

Ecklonia maxima , is available as Whole Kelp Wet Application or Whole Kelp Dry Application

Why you should use our products?

At ecklonia MAXX we believe in whole plant extract bio stimulants and the power of synergism, resulting from retaining all natural occurring minerals vitamins and bioactive compounds. All of the compounds in the various raw materials collaborate to exert a positive effect on plants and soil alike. Our products don’t require any special blending; it is a water dispersible whole plant concentrate and  is produced to encompass the length and breadth of what Ecklonia maxima has to offer.

A big plus for commercial clients as an ingredient to established products and for farmers as well is the ease with which EckloniaMAXX concentrate will disperse in water blends. Maximum micron particulate size is well below 8 microns, completely mitigating the risk of liquid reticulation or spray equipment clogging up.

Our Product formulation

Concentrate form – For large Agrochemicals companies as a formulation ingredient as well as for retail use.

Produced in bulk and available in 5lt / 20lt / 200lt / 1000lt