Why EckloniaMAXX?

EckloniaMAXX are progressive leaders in advanced novel seaweed processing technologies and novel products. Our whole kelp biostimulant utilize indigenous and proven Kelp species – Ecklonia maxima. Processes completely mitigates the use of chemical and heat interventions during manufacturing a unique attribute compared to global practices.

Zero waste – 100% biomass utilization – is a key outcome that enhances product efficacy. Unique to our Biostimulant Concentrate is the level of concentration of bio-actives compared to established competitors as as well as water dispersibility given whole plant utilization and level of concentration. This is one of ecklonia MAXX’s most defining properties. 
In order to protect the ecosystem globally recognized as a Bloomberg‘s Wonder of the World Kelp Forest, ecklonia maxima is harvested using non-invasive, sustainable methods.
EckloniaMAXX‘s entire production value-chain is intended to be disruptive – from its sustainable harvesting methods, zero biomass waste policy, and value proposition to the market.

Healthy crops and yield

Our whole kelp Biostimulant is highly concentrated and represents a progressive step forward for the seaweed industry as a whole. A green, sustainable, non-invasive process with a lower carbon footprint contributes to healthy soil and rhizosphere in support of healthier crops quality and yield